Safeena Rashid

Safeena is an excellent public speaker who boasts the ability to explain the law clearly and put people at ease. With good organisational and time management skills she has the ability to work well under pressure and manage a large workload. Holding a keen interest in minority rights, social inclusion and access to justice, she is a team player who can also work on her own initiative when required.


As a practicing criminal lawyer in Scotland, she has a wide ranging experience of dealing with cases at all levels. She has also been involved in training peers and Justices of the Peace. Having also has exposure to international criminal law, she is keen to build a varied practice as an Advocate.

Selected Cases

PF Edinburgh v Livingston

This notable case marked Scotland’s first Anti Social Behaviour Order given after an accused pled guilty to hare coursing. Safeena’s involvement was to give the Justice of the Peace involved legal advice in this novel area. The sentence was appealed. Safeena drafted the appeal report which was then lodged with the High Court of Justiciary. The appeal has been refused at first sift.

HMA v Davies + 8

A multiple accused drugs trial in which Safeena was the Crown junior. In a case involving hundreds of productions and labels, Safeena very competently provided both technical and legal support to the Advocate Depute.

HMA v Cameron

Crown junioring in an evidential hearing. Experts such as psychiatrists gave complex medical evidence, the technicalities of which had to be quickly digested.

Wilson v PF Aberdeen

A note of appeal against sentence drafted and successfully argued by Safeena in which the Appellant’s revoked driving license was restored.