Charles Ferguson

Charles has over 30 years’ experience defending clients in high stakes criminal cases. He was a Solicitor for over 30 years and built one of the most successful criminal law firms in Scotland. He has defended not only those facing lengthy prison sentences but also students and professionals, for whom conviction would destroy a lifetime of good character or their aspirations at an early stage in their career; including a young man who is now serving his country where a conviction would have resulted in the loss of his military career.
He has acted for the children of police officers, doctors, teachers, multimillionaires, company directors and professional bodyguards, as well as hundreds of serious and organized criminals. He has been a solicitor advocate since 1995 (at the time the youngest appointed in Scotland). He is absolutely committed to getting the best possible results for clients. He is not afraid to give clients advice they don’t want to hear, when ultimately that is what is in their best interest. His verbal reasoning is outstanding, and this is backed up by a strong work ethic and fastidious attention to detail.

He is committed to improving his advocacy. He obtained an LL.M in Advocacy from Strathclyde University in 2014. He has completed two NITA training course and is a member of NITA, America’s prestigious Nation Institute for Trial Advocacy. He recently completed the Faculty of Advocates rigorous training programme including training on cross examining ang presenting the evidence of vulnerable witnesses.