Kevin McCallum

Kevin McCallum called in 2000 after 10 years as a solicitor both as a Procurator Fiscal Depute and in private practice. Having called to the Bar, he specialised in criminal defence work and Social Work Referrals. He joined Crown Office as an Advocate Depute in February 2004 and was thereafter appointed a Senior Advocate Depute in November 2006, and was responsible for the preparation and conduct of a significant number of intensive, large scale and high profile prosecutions often including multiple accused.


Since returning to defence practice in 2010, he has been instructed in a wide variety of cases including multiple accused high value drugs cases, money laundering offences, firearms offences and serious sexual offences including allegations of historic sexual abuse either acting as junior alone or acting as junior as leader.

Selected Cases

HMA-v-Alexander Donnelly & Others – extremely complex drugs & money laundering prosecution involving a very large number of witnesses, extensive surveillance evidence, complex forensic accountancy evidence and evidence obtained from foreign jurisdictions.


HMA-v-Allan Burns & Others – high profile conspiracy to murder and murder case in relation to an underworld contract killing. Large number of witnesses, complex telephone cell-site analysis evidence.


HMA-v-Scott Percy & Others –complex drugs , conspiracy to murder and murder case concerning the contract killing of a rival drug dealer. Large number of witnesses, complex issues concerning unusual hearsay evidence.


HMA-v-Rhona McKenzie – high profile murder case where a female ran over and killed her “love rival”. Complex road traffic investigation evidence.


HMA-v-Hoseyin Cobanoglu – case involving multiple rapes and serious sexual assaults of Glasgow prostitutes. High profile case due to connection to Emma Caldwell murder inquiry.


James Leiser – v- HMA – appeal case involving consideration of requirement of reasonable belief for self-defence in homicide cases.


HMA-v-Maxwell Evans – successful defence of high profile sports celebrity in assault case attracting significant press interest