Tim Niven-Smith

As a Solicitor Tim engaged solely in Criminal defence work in a busy practice and is therefore acutely aware of the importance of personal relations with clients as an advocate. As an Advocate, Tim has gained a reputation with agents for his straight talking and practical advice which is always delivered in an understandable way to the client.

Tim is highly experienced in representing vulnerable sections of society in particular Children and young accused and adults with learning difficulties and mental health problems.

Tim approaches every case with enthusiasm and an eye for detail and has a no nonsense approach to achieving the best outcome in the circumstances.


Selected Cases

HMA v Vincent Milligan 2003 GWD 12-335

B (R) v HMA 2004 SCCR 443

John Dye v HMA [2008] HCJAC 40

Mark Murdo Urquhart v HMA [2009] HCJAC 18

John Keddie v HMA [2009] HCJAC