Our Services

This website is intended for solicitors, organisations and individuals that require assistance about any legal matter in the very wide field of criminal law and regulatory crime. Should you or your clients have a problem in relation to criminal law, or require advice about the interpretation of any criminal statute, we will help you to identify an expert within our chambers who can help.

Although any court appearance is important, it is worth remembering that good advocacy involves more than that. Consultation and negotiation with the Crown are vital to achieving the best results. In that connection a significant percentage of our stable have also been engaged in various capacities by the Crown; as Procurator Fiscals Depute before calling to the bar, or as Advocate Deputes since calling. As a result, our members have a detailed understanding of the workings of the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service. This expertise has proved to be invaluable in all areas of practice, in the High Court and Sheriff Court.

Throughout our varied areas of practice, our members provide a wide range of services, and it is our intention to continue to meet the expectations of our clients by providing advice and representation promptly, and to an excellent standard. We would invite you to help us achieve that objective by communicating your requirements to our clerks, and by offering any feedback which you consider would benefit you or your clients.


As a solicitor engaged in the field of criminal law you will already be familiar with Black Chambers, and our clerks, and you will know that you can rely on them as your first port of call.

If you have not previously had occasion to contact us, but find that you have a client, organisation or company, who requires advice about any aspect of criminal law or our other specialties, then our clerks will discuss with you the nature of the problem and help identify which of our highly skilled members would be best suited to your needs.  In the event that the advice relates to a case which is unlikely to be eligible for legal aid, our clerks will be able to provide reliable information about the likely costs involved.

Individuals, other organisations & public bodies

In a number of situations Black Chambers can accept instructions directly from an individual or an organisation. This is called “Direct Access” and where it applies the individual or body concerned does not require to instruct a solicitor. Direct access may be available to – lawyers, other professionals, and public authorities. Our clerks will give you guidance.

Full details regarding Direct Access can be found on the Faculty of Advocates website here.

In criminal trials the instruction of one of our counsel will routinely be handled by the instructing solicitor. In legally aided cases in the High Court or the Appeal Court, the sanction for funding to engage the services of one of our expert counsel to conduct the defence will already be in place without any expense being incurred by the client.

In sheriff court cases the employment of a skilled advocate is often the single most effective means of securing the outcome that you seek.

By choosing Black Chambers, you have taken a strong first step towards success.